Our Clients

In our brief company history we have had the opportunity to work with and serve some great companies. We have worked with large manufacturers, network service providers, large retailers and various financial services organizations. Our team has been involved in some of the following projects:

ITSM Event Management Optimization – Decreased by the volume of events in the Operations Center by 75% through a combination of fault remediation, incident process optimization and monitoring tools tweaking and customization.

Service Provider Data Center Circuit Remediation – Identified and documented all active and inactive circuits into a large data center. Deactivation of unused circuits provided a cost savings and two month ROI for the activity.

Ethical Hacking Assessment – Performed ethical hacking assessment to an external facing public website and provided remediation recommendations to gaps that left the organization vulnerable to common attacks that could have impacted end user experience and compromised corporate data.

Remote Access Network Design – Provided a design and implementation of a corporate network infrastructure to better support the organizations evolving workforce. The workforce has become much more mobile and remote since the original network was designed.

Our team members have extensive experience working for large consulting companies, hardware and software vendors as well as large government and defense organizations. Our goal is to make this experience and expertise available to our customers in a uniquely flexible and cost effective way.

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