Meeting tomorrow’s IT infrastructure needs today

Evolving business, changing market scenarios and aggressive competition create a need for IT infrastructure solutions that can keep pace with continuous growth. Companies are looking for advanced “housekeeping” (service and network management) tools to improve business processes, keep track of operations and increase efficiency. With hiring and retaining permanent staff becoming more difficult and expensive, cost-efficient IT staffing for short term projects is also a need of the hour.

Customer First Consulting is a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions and IT consultants all across North, South and Latin America. Our company’s competency in IP Network Infrastructure, Unified Communications, Server Infrastructure and Information Protection helps bridge the technology gap and align IT processes to your business goals.

Globalization and a growing virtual workforce has increased communications traffic and heightened the need for business agility. Our management team’s combined experience of over 50 years enables us to tailor ITIL, network management and integrated communications solutions for enhanced IT service management (ITSM), technology development and operations.

Many enterprise and service providers also have a hiring freeze and need experienced professionals to manage short term IT infrastructure projects. Our consultants will exceed your expectations in project management (and risk assessment) as well as help lower your overheads. They are qualified (CCIE, MCSE, ITIL, Six Sigma and DoD) and experienced to successfully meet all your ITSM requirements. Our team has experience working in ITIL, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Enterprise Management, Data Security, Network Design and Implementation, and Server Administration.

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What we do…

Infrastructure services

Network Design and Implementation
Network and Server Security Design and Implementation
VOIP Design and Implementation
Virtualization Planning and Implementation
Data Center Circuit Remediation
Server Administration
Break fix
Service Management

ITIL/ITSM Planning and Design
Command Center/NOC/SOC Operational Design, Implementation, Staffing
Management Tools Architecture, Design, Implementation and Administration
Management and Monitoring Tools ‘Operationalization’
Service Catalog Design and Build Consulting
Chargeback/Show-back Design Consulting
Operational Process Design and Automation

Business Services

Vendor and Product Selection Consulting
Requirements Gathering and Documentation
End User/Customer Expectation Consulting
Outsource/Move to the Cloud/Insource Decision Consulting
Vendor Sales Training
Organizational Alignment Consulting
Risk Assessment and Compliance Mediation
The CFC approach that works to your advantage

Assessments to monitor project progress and identify any gaps
Project Planning to develop a detailed plan for an upcoming event i.e. a network rollout, a data center move, etc.
Architecture/Design to create the optimum scenario once the business, technical and security requirements are clearly understood
Deployment using best practices to implement systems on time and within budget
Operations to provide resources and/or best practices to ensure systems are operating at peak efficiency.
Customer First Consulting is a valuable business partner with expertise in ITSM. We offer cutting-edge solutions including SMARTS, Ionix, NetCool, OpenView, VMware and VOIP which we customize to your requirements.

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